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Use the form below to describe your need and I will be quick to reply with suggestions. If unsure on what to communicate initially, below are some key questions to help get the ball rolling.

Event Photography:

  • Nature of event and how long you expect it to run?
  • Event dates and location?
  • Single or multiple photographers needed?
  • Any special needs beyond standard event coverage?
  • Prints or digital delivery of images?


  • How many individuals?
  • Desired location (outdoors, office, home, other)?
  • Set dates or open to our availability?
  • If known, describe style/look you are seeking which can include end purpose/use.


  • Describe type of image capture you are seeking in as much detail as possible. Samples are appreciated if matching a look or style.
  • Outcome expectations and end use of the images.  
  • Timeline and shoot location details if known.